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 Biker indifference

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Sheep inWolfs Clothing
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Mucho chatto

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PostSubject: Biker indifference   Fri 2 Sep - 13:13

I had the misfortune to run out of petrol on the way home from Portland today, I know, totally my own fault but it could happen to any of us.

The bike stopped on the Upton bypass before the Creekmoor junction, I did not have my phone so cold not call the RAC so I started to push the bike to the petrol station at Tesco’s Fleetsbridge (the nearest).

I was pushing th bike along with the hazard lights on and during the whole ordeal I must have been passed by at least 12 bikes but not one stopped (neither did any other vehicle). The only person who offered to help was a young mum with her child in a pushchair who offered to help push the bike up the last hill before Tesco’s.

What has happened to the bond which used to exist between bikers? If I see another biker at the side of the road, I will stop just to see if I can be of any help. It would appear that I am the only one who does this.

All I can say to all the motorists who passed me (one or two even sounding their horn and laughing as they passed), I hope that you are never in the same position and I would hope that some 'Good Samaritan' stops to offer you some assistance.
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PostSubject: Re: Biker indifference   Sat 3 Sep - 14:31

I dont think things have changed much over the years Alan. I recall a long time ago when I used to travel the Sandbanks ferry daily, I stopped to help out a Royal Enfield owner who lived on the Poole side, but worked in Swanage, it took me about 1/2 hour to reset his contact points and get him on his way. One morning a couple of months later whilst speeding to catch my ferry, my chain broke (I retrieved it 200 or so paces from where I stopped), then came the arduous task of feeding it over the gearbox sprocket. It was a job in need of 3 hands, and I was struggling, so when I heard a bike coming up the road off the ferry(the Royal Enfield no less), I put up my greasy hand to wave him down - he slowed up, then dropped a cog, and accelerated past me and away. You can imagine my reaction ! however, I had the last laugh, because months later I came across him stopped with a puncture. I pulled up and with great delight told him that his bike would go better with air in the tyre, and left.
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Sopwith Camel

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PostSubject: Re: Biker indifference   Sun 4 Sep - 0:59

What a pisser Alan, well I'd seen you I would not have beeped or waved!!

I would have stopped to make sure you were ok and if I was not able to help I would have loaned you my mobile....
I understand what your saying though, people don't want to get involved.
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PostSubject: Re: Biker indifference   

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Biker indifference
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