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 Trip to Fowlers (Bristol)

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Trip to Fowlers (Bristol) Empty
PostSubject: Trip to Fowlers (Bristol)   Trip to Fowlers (Bristol) Icon_minitimeSat 12 Mar - 13:56

The day started well, the sun was shining, the gang all arrived at my house, we lined the bikes up outside to do our pre trip checks and were disturbed by a loud crash of metal followed by an engine screaming out of control.......... sadly, a motorcyclist had failed to negotiate the bend at the end of my road and crashed his bike into a lamp post. We rushed to his assistance and called an ambulance as he was in a bad way with back pain and no feeling in his legs (I checked with the hospital later and although he has broken ribs, he has no back injury Trip to Fowlers (Bristol) 720760 ).

Having done our bit and given statements to the local plod who turned up as the ambulanece was leaving, we got back to our own business, checks done we left home with five bikes line astearn (Sprint, 636 x2, R1 and a Blade). It felt good to be out in a group again although trying to keep some semblence of ride decorum was at time trying. We stopped off at Shaftsbury to pick up another rider (ER5) and have a quick break (legs and shoulders a little stiff after a few month of non bike riding). We carried on to Bristol upsetting a few motorists by using the bus lanes (perfectly legal but the tin box jockey with the oversized exhaust on his pink Saxo didn't see it that way Trip to Fowlers (Bristol) 185923 ).

Fowlers was inseresting although I felt the prices of their used bikes was a bit steep (anyone want to give me 5750 so I dan buy the ZZR 1400). We had good look around and got some parts to finish the repairs on the R1. Compared to the bike showrooms in Poole, Fowlers is huge, spread over three floors and they currently have a clearance sale on helmets, gloves, jackets and trousers, well worth a look if you are in the market for gear at the moment.

Having spent quite some time at Fowlers, we headed back Home stopping for a coffee and strech the legs etc. at Compton Airfield. The ride home was a little more organised with most of the group abiding by the speed limits (well most of the time wanyway Wink ). Got home around 6:30pm put the bikes away, phoned the hospital re the guy hurt earlier, missed the rain (it started about 7:00pm), so ll in all a good day Trip to Fowlers (Bristol) 720760 .

Looking forward to doing it properly tomorrow with the Club.


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Trip to Fowlers (Bristol)
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